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Big Bang Theory

  Big Bang Theory​ , a mostly instrumental collection of ethereal soul compositions performed by The Bangladesh Project, adds vibes to the growing number of unboxed artists that refuse to fit into any given genre. One thing is for certain as you listen. There is a driving pursuit of the “groove” that this eclectic band wishes their audience to experience.

  The album is produced by Christopher “Bangla” Keene-El, leader and keyboardist for TBP who expressed his intent was to capture the sound that the band was forming as they grew together as a unit. “By the time “K.I.M.” was recorded, I knew we had latched on to something unique. The ideas really started to flow and the rest of the album just began to create itself.” 

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"Big Bang Theory"

    When asked about his production process, Bangla explained that he would compose the songs almost entirely with software and later present the works to the band members to have them play over the electronic tracks. He would, then, fuse the live instrumentation over the pre-produced tracks in order to create a harmonious blend of the versions. Taking his cue from years of Hip-Hop influence, he expressed that it was pretty cool to be able to sample the band as they created music on-the-fly. He hopes to experiment more heavily with this style of conception and formation in the future.
  The primary voice of the band is Anonamas Grooves, a soulful songstress hailing from D.C., who joined The Bangladesh Project around 2010 after releasing several solo projects of her own. Her delivery pairs up with each composition is as naturally as hands and gloves or milk and honey. She is passionate about providing a stirring and meaningful message which is conveyed most stoutly on records “Atmosphere” and “The Learner”.
   The strings of “Big Ace”, lead guitar player for TBP, thread the needle for this musical tapestry. Whether weaving gentle, strumming backup riffs reminiscent of Jeff Beck or shredding into bold, screaming solos that favor the likes of Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, the stylings of Big Ace are clearly an integral part of the core sound of this compilation. Songs like “Chiefin’ Whiteboys” and “Ghetto Cha Cha” are where his blues-influenced expertise are most notably on display.
  Other musicians who played key roles in the album’s development are Steve “Supaman” Herring on drums, Ramadan Yasin and Curtis Wynn on bass, and Leeanne Boyd who sang lead and backup vocals on several recordings. Big Bang Theory is an ambitious beginning for a band striving to carve their way into musical notoriety. "Bangla" accomplishes a rotation of diverse musicianship to form The Bangladesh Project and has created, on this album, an alternative blend of soulful vibes similar to Little Dragon, N.E.R.D. and The Internet.​​​

Executive produced, composed, arranged & mixed by Christopher “Bangla” Keene-El 
All songs recorded at Producers’ Den, the F.I.S.H.Den, 
and Big Ace’s house 
Mastered by NATIVE SUNZ

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